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You know where you want your life to go
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There’s a lot at stake, managing your financial life can be overwhelming… choosing the right financial planner shouldn’t be.

You deserve a financial planner that is unbiased and can help you develop a clear plan for every stage of your life.


Finally, have total organization of your entire financial life

Create a custom plan built on your values and the lifestyle you want to live

Align your business goals with your life goals

Receive comprehensive education on wealth and finance

Improve the quality of your life now, while you build for the future.

Experience truly personalized attention and service

Receive support & accountability to help you reach your financial goals

Get financial clarity, build wealth and live your best financial life

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We get to know you, your goals, and the lifestyle you’re creating.

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You’ll feel informed & empowered, each step of the way.

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Receive regular updates and guidance so you can enjoy life on your terms.

“We get it, there’s a lot of pressure to make the right decisions for you and your family. Our mission is to help you create financial independence and give unwavering confidence with all of your financial decisions. When you have that type clarity, you can get money out of the way and be financially free now.”

Matt Rinkey – Founder, Illumination Wealth


Unlock 60+ years of team experience


We’ve been improving clients’ lives for over 10 years


We’re proud to have a 91% client retention rate

You don’t need to be a financial expert to build the life you deserve

We Work With Entrepreneurial Investors At Different Stages of Their Financial Journey


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Illumination = Financial Independence

Here’s how we’re transforming wealth management

Let’s start with your goals and values

What if you could work backward from your dream life to get the steps you need to take now?

Unbiased advice that’s in your interests

We don’t receive commissions or hidden fees based on your investments.

Your personal Financial Guide

From credit card selection, to health insurance, to your next investment, we are here to analyze and guide on your decisions.

Build a healthy money mindset

We don’t believe you should be held back by money. Anyone can build wealth!

Your money, your choice

We hate hard-selling. You’ll have complete freedom to make your own informed decisions.

Experience matters

We bring together an integrated team to help you implement your wealth plan.

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