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Brandon came to Illumination Wealth just as his business was beginning to yield substantial profits. He was in his mid-30s, and didn’t know what to do with his excess income. He was also considering the sale of his business but was concerned that the profits he had never found their way into profitable investments. He wanted a plan for his money that could provide him with financial freedom at an early age. But Brandon had no idea how to efficiently sell his business, how much money financial independence would require, or how to save and invest the money he had.



  • Sell business in a tax efficient manner
  • Achieve early financial freedom
  • Vet future business ventures and investment opportunities
  • Reinvest proceeds from sale of business


  • Lack of understanding of the substantial tax consequences of the business sale structure
  • Poor direction from prior financial advisors, and constant pitching for new business from multiple insurance product salesmen
  • Lack of awareness about how much money would be required for financial independence


  • Brought in expert tax advisors for structuring the business transaction tax-efficiently
  • Quantified his ideal lifestyle and developed S.M.A.R.T. goals for financial freedom
  • Designed a customized, holistic wealth plan
  • Developed a multi-faceted investment strategy capitalizing on Brandon’s skill sets and values including active business ownership, real estate investment and a traditional investment portfolio
  • Examined all business and personal income tax returns to identify errors and missed opportunities
  • Provided a financial dashboard that provides real-time information on all financial accounts


  • Minimized taxes on the sale of his business
  • Improved his financial decision making capacity
  • Brandon has an annual savings goal that matches his timeframe for financial freedom
  • He possesses an investment plan built around his needs, skills, and interests
  • Has purchased a new home from business sale proceeds
  • Has embarked on a new business venture funded with proceeds from sale of his past business
  • Saved money avoiding costly investment and insurance products

Tim and Lisa, Young Family

Tim & Lisa, Young Family

Mike, Tech Executive

Mike, Tech Executive

Jessica, Physician and Business Owner

Jessica, Physician & Business Owner