Living The Best Life You’ve Envisioned

Turning Career and Financial Lemons into Lemonade

Mike came to Illumination Wealth as a tech company executive in his 40s. He was unhappy in his current employment, owned property in a city he no longer lived, worked for a company whose vision he did not share, and maintained a work schedule that was far more grueling than he wanted. He needed to leave his job and pursue a new career, but he couldn’t find a way to make this possible. His money losing condo, the complexities of his stock options plan, and his concern that any future endeavor would not fund his ideal lifestyle were all obstacles in his path.



  • Positive financial growth and stability
  • A great lifestyle with access to income
  • A satisfying career with a manageable work schedule
  • Live in an area that fits personality, interests, goals, and lifestyle


  • Concern about how to fund ideal lifestyle
  • Negative cash flow
  • Condo rental property underwater
  • Uncertainty about handling investment in stock options


  • Sell condo in order to apply loss to offset gains from sale of stock options.
  • Sell one-half of stock options at all-time high value, and liquidate remaining over a two-year period.
  • Accept new position at new company, with ability to enjoy desired lifestyle
  • Relocate to an area that meets wants, desires, and needs.


  • Enjoys new career
  • Has ability to save more money
  • Lives the lifestyle he wants in a place that he loves
  • Maintains a personalized, diversified investment portfolio

Brandon, Entrepreneur

Brandon, Entrepreneur

Tim and Lisa, Young Family

Tim & Lisa, Young Family

Jessica, Physician and Business Owner

Jessica, Physician & Business Owner