Living The Best Life You’ve Envisioned

Achieving Transformation with Peace of Mind

At 53, Jessica found herself no longer fulfilled by the medical practice that she had built over the prior 20 years. She possessed an appetite for new activities, new venues, and new horizons. The health care industry was changing but her identity was wrapped up in the enterprise she had created. She longed to move on as her interest had waned but didn’t know where to start. She wanted to work on her terms, impact a broader audience as a speaker and educator, and travel the world with less stress and more free time.



  • Transition out of work that she no longer loves
  • Sell her business to develop an encore career supporting her passions
  • Ensure she has the resources to maintain her lifestyle for the rest of her life
  • Create a tax- and cost-efficient investment portfolio
  • Ensure the security of her family:
    • – they have the liquidity they need in the event of her early demise
    • – there is a protection plan in place in the event she can no longer work
    • – all assets are protected from creditors


  • Strategizing transition when she sells business
  • Insufficient life and disability insurance
  • Lack of coordinated wealth team
  • No financial plan and limited awareness of her resources
  • High-cost and underperforming investments
  • Advice in isolation and inappropriate financial products
  • Cash flow leaks
  • No clear prioritization of debt payoff versus investing
  • Estate plan not implemented


  • Performed a comprehensive diagnostic review of her financial life


    • Enjoys new career
    • Has ability to save more money
    • Lives the lifestyle she wants in a place that she loves
    • Maintains a personalized, diversified investment portfolio


Brandon, Entrepreneur

Brandon, Entrepreneur

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Mike, Tech Executive

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