Living The Best Life You’ve Envisioned

Executive Couple Seeking Lifestyle Freedom

Tim and Lisa are a young, married executive couple in their mid-thirties with two children who were faced with the seeming conflict of “wanting to have it all.” While they love the sense of accomplishment and empowerment that comes from being young and successful, they were conscious of their need to plan ahead in order to stay on track. They discovered that Tim’s demanding executive career in a high density, high cost-of-living location was all-consuming and left little time for family and leisure activities.



  • Spend more time with family
  • Achieve financial independence early
  • Live a great lifestyle now
  • Pay children’s college tuition
  • Develop tax-efficient investment strategies that fit personal interests and skill sets


  • How to handle the overwhelming number of decisions required for managing family, career and financial wellbeing?
  • How to eliminate a time sucking commute in order to spend more time with family?
  • How to negotiate with an employer over pay and job flexibility?
  • How to become financially independent “early”?
  • How to maximize key employee benefits?
  • How to live an ideal lifestyle in the present while still providing for their future?
  • How and when to save for their children’s college?
  • How to maximize the return and minimize the costs of an unintended investment property?
  • How to invest tax efficiently?
  • How to finance a new home purchase?


  • Developed negotiation framework and strategy based on company benefits and prior career results
  • Identified and developed a financial independence plan that quantified the amount of assets, income and savings needed to “make work optional” by the age of 50


  • Client became first employee approved to work virtually at existing pay scale
  • Client moved out of high-cost of living area to an ideal location closer to family
  • Reduced annual expenses with relocation and maintained income
  • Paid off new dream home through the sale of investment property and primary residence
  • On track to be financial independent years earlier than originally anticipated
  • Created framework for evaluating future real estate investment opportunities based on personal time, investment amount and valuation.
  • Sold “unintentional” investment property at an opportune time while minimizing out-of-pocket costs during hold period through strategic refinancing.
  • Created education funds to support children’s future

Brandon, Entrepreneur

Brandon, Entrepreneur

Mike, Tech Executive

Mike, Tech Executive

Jessica, Physician and Business Owner

Jessica, Physician & Business Owner