Year-End Tax Planning for New Tax Laws: Estate Taxes

October 13, 2021
calculator, journal and office supplies for tax planning

In our previous two articles, we covered the proposed individual tax changes and business tax changes that have been proposed as part of the American Families Plan backed by President Biden and the House Ways & Means Committee. The goal… Read Now >>

Year-End Tax Planning for New Tax Laws: Business Taxes

October 6, 2021
Business partners tax planning

This is the season for year-end tax planning. Updating your tax plan and overall financial planning strategy for 2022 is even more important because of potential tax changes on the horizon. President Biden and the House Ways & Means Committee… Read Now >>

Year-End Tax Planning for New Tax Laws: Individual Taxes

September 22, 2021
Calendar with glasses - year-end tax planning metaphor

President Biden and the House Ways & Means Committee have proposed a number of significant tax changes as part of the American Families Plan. If enacted, we could see some new tax laws starting as soon as 2022. This time… Read Now >>

Using Real Estate to Pay for College

September 15, 2021
Real estate investment concept - saving money for college expenses

Last week, we talked about different ways to save for college and pay for your children’s college expenses. You can invest in a 529 plan or explore other college savings methods that may offer you steady funding when it’s time… Read Now >>

The ABCs of 529 Plans

August 25, 2021
Diploma college savings concept, 529 plan

If you are saving for your children’s college expenses, you have likely heard of a 529 plan. This is a popular option that’s specifically designed for college savings. As with any investment program, there are pros and cons to 529… Read Now >>

How to Prioritize College Savings in Your Financial Plan

August 18, 2021
College savings concept

When you have children, saving for their college education is generally going to be a major priority. You want to help set them up for their future and provide them with the financial resources they need to get a quality… Read Now >>

The Pros and Cons of Vacation Rental Properties

August 10, 2021
Deck view of a vacation rental property.

As we’ve been discussing on the Illumination Wealth Blog, short-term vacation rental properties can be a great investment if managed properly. These rentals can take several different forms: • Property Solely Used as a Vacation Rental • Part-Time Vacation Rental… Read Now >>

Is a Vacation Rental Property a Worthwhile Investment?

August 4, 2021
Vacation rental property outdoor patio with waterfront view

We’ve been talking about the costs, benefits and planning options for short-term vacation rental properties. Ultimately, one big question remains: Is a vacation rental property worth your time, money and effort? This is a loaded question because it will depend… Read Now >>