Cracking cube, metaphor for stock market volatility

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How to Prepare for Market Volatility

Market volatility can be scary to even the most experienced investor. The stock market has been on a wild roller coaster ride in recent years, though it’s not really anything out of the ordinary when you look at historic trends.… Read Now >>

Is a Self-Directed IRA Right for You?

January 19, 2022
One ball different from rest—self-directed IRA concept

Tax-advantaged retirement accounts such as IRAs or 401(k)s are a great way to save for retirement. You are able to put away money and defer the taxes, which allows these funds to mature over time through strategic investment portfolios.  Limitations… Read Now >>

How to Lease or Buy a Car in Today’s Crazy Automotive Market

January 12, 2022
driving car, tips to buy a car in 2022

It’s no secret that the automotive industry has been experiencing a serious supply chain shortage throughout the pandemic. Auto manufacturers aren’t able to get certain necessary parts like semiconductors and computer chips. In addition, there have been many other production… Read Now >>

Is Your 2022 Financial Plan Ready?

January 6, 2022
2022 financial plan concept

7 Financial Planning Tips for the New Year. Happy New Year from the entire team at Illumination Wealth! Now that 2022 is upon us, it’s time to make sure you have a strong financial plan prepared for this year and… Read Now >>

Choosing the Best Homeowners Insurance Coverage

December 22, 2021
House and coins to represent homeowners insurance coverage

If you own a home or investment property, you will need to have homeowners insurance. That should go without saying. How much insurance to get and which coverages are best may depend on where you live, the size of your… Read Now >>

2021 Year-End Tax-Planning Tips

December 20, 2021

2021 Last-Minute Year-End General Business Income Tax Deductions   Your goal should be to get the IRS to owe you money. Of course, the IRS is not likely to cut you a check for this money (although in the right… Read Now >>

Tis the Season for Tax-Efficient Charitable Gifting!

December 15, 2021
Gift package to represent charitable contributions for holiday season.

Making charitable gifts is smart for several reasons. First, you are doing good with your donations by supporting nonprofit causes important to you or providing help for those who are less fortunate. Second, charitable contributions are tax deductible for individuals… Read Now >>

2021 Year-End Medical Plan Strategies

December 8, 2021
Nurse and patient to represent year-end medical plan strategies for business owners.

If you own a small business with 1-49 employees, you should have a medical plan in place. Tax law does not require you to provide medical coverage, but you should. Not only can it help you attract and retain better… Read Now >>

Year-End Family Tax Planning Strategies for 2021

December 1, 2021
Family in front of house - family tax planning concept

Your marital and family situations should definitely factor in when it comes to your year-end tax planning for 2021. There are family tax planning strategies you can implement now to take advantage of current tax codes. In addition, there are… Read Now >>

7 Year-End Tax Strategies for Your Stock Portfolio

November 24, 2021
Graphs and charts to represent stock portfolio gains/losses and year-end tax strategies.

If you are looking to reduce your 2021 income taxes, you can look to your stock portfolio. There are ways to take advantage of current tax codes. Once you know the rules to the offset game, you’ll be able to… Read Now >>

Section 199A Tax-Reduction Strategies

November 17, 2021
Business woman - Section 199A tax planning concept

When it comes to your year-end tax planning, don’t forget to consider your IRC Section 199A deduction. If you don’t take advantage of this tax deduction, you may end up with an unsatisfactory $0 for your deduction amount. If your taxable… Read Now >>