Understanding the NIIT for Rental Property Owners

May 18, 2022
house key and pen to represent rental property - NIIT tax concept

If you are subject to the federal net investment income tax (NIIT), you could be paying as much as 3.8% more on your income taxes. Rental property owners are often subject to this additional tax, depending on their total income… Read Now >>

The Tax Benefits of Donor-Advised Funds

May 11, 2022
Lightbulbs - donor-advised funds concept

Recent tax code changes have made it harder to deduct charitable donations to 501(c)(3) organizations like churches and other nonprofits. You want to support your favorite charities, but it is also important to have the tax benefits that should be… Read Now >>

Personal vs. Business Tax Planning—The Differences to Understand

May 4, 2022
Business tax planning concept

If you own a business—no matter how big or small—there are important things you need to know when it comes to tax planning and filling. We are all used to the individual tax return process with the April 15 deadline.… Read Now >>

What Does “Financial Independence” Mean to You?

April 29, 2022
Goose laying golden nest egg - financial independence concept

The answer to this question might be slightly different for everyone. It’s a deeply personal concept. For some, the idea of financial independence revolves around living on a yacht in the Mediterranean. For others, it simply means their financial needs… Read Now >>

How to Increase Earnings on Your Tax Refund

April 20, 2022
Financial chart to represent investing tax refund in Series I Savings Bond

It’s always nice to get a big income tax refund from the IRS and/or your state’s tax board. The big question is what will you do with this money? A lot of people like to spend it on something frivolous.… Read Now >>

What You Need to Know About Vacation Rental Property Taxes

April 13, 2022
row of vacation homes along waterfront, vacation rental property taxes concept

Many people have second homes that they use both for personal use and as short-term rental properties. So, what are the tax implications when a property like this has multiple uses? Residence vs. Rental Under tax code rules, a vacation… Read Now >>

Schedule C vs. Schedule E for Short-Term Rental Income—Which is Better?

March 23, 2022
Open door with key, representing short-term rental property

Do you have a beach home, mountain getaway or other type of property that you rent out on a short-term basis? If your average rental period is less than 30 days, you will generally have two options for claiming your… Read Now >>

Crypto Security 101: Custodial vs. Self-Custody

March 9, 2022
Hand holding key, crypto custody and security concept

If you read our last Crypto Security 101 article (if not, click here), you should have good password hygiene for your cryptocurrency account(s). Now, you have to make an important decision on where to hold your assets. Do you use… Read Now >>