Get to Know the Team: Tracey Magnuson

September 10, 2018
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If you ever called our office here at Illumination Wealth, you would surely receive a warm and friendly greeting from Tracey Magnuson. She is our Client Service Concierge. Tracey not only makes sure every client contact is a wonderful experience, she also works behind the scenes on account establishment and ongoing processes. Get to know her a bit more through some interesting questions.


The reason I got into this profession
Fate conspired to lead me down the path towards my profession. More than twelve years ago, I took a job that I thought might be temporary while I figured out what I wanted to do next. The administrative role was similar to ones I’d before, but in an industry I knew nothing about – foreclosures and other real estate investments owned by large financial institutions. That was 2006, only months before the financial crisis began to take shape, and I could not have guessed what I was in for or all I would learn. It was definitely trial by fire, but I found a real passion for what I did and excelled to a lead teams working as exclusive vendors for some of the largest mortgage lenders. I added insurance adjuster and real estate agent to the list of licenses I held before the company ultimately relocated. I knew that I wanted to stay in the financial sector and I had a new set of skills and almost a decade of experience to bring with me. When I found Illumination Wealth it could not be a better fit. I love seeing the possibilities open up for our clients as they take concrete steps towards their financial life goals.


Outside of work, my passions include
I love hosting parties at my home and have regular game nights along with a yearly Halloween party coming soon! With that, comes loving cooking for a crowd. San Diego has endless options for the times when I’d rather be out – which are also frequent. Between my husband and I, we have an ever growing gaggle of nieces and nephews that occupy a lot of our attention as well.

One goal I’m saving for
Home for me is clear on the other side of the country in South Florida where my dad, sister, and her family live (more nieces and nephews!) It’s a priority for me to get home frequently and I like to be able to treat my family when I do and make every trip a truly memorable one. Florida is a great place for theme parks, beaches, fishing, and more, and we like to do it all! Being able to enjoy family time to the fullest is a goal that is worth every minute of planning and effort to save.

My favorite book is
To Kill a Mockingbird, still, even as an adult, is my favorite book. It was one of those that made a big impact and stuck around. I have the sequel – Go Set a Watchman – waiting to be read now on my nightstand and can’t wait.

The primary way I’m advancing my career knowledge
In being in a constantly changing and evolving industry, there are always new rules to become accustomed to and new requirements to learn. I stay on top of custodian announcements and educational materials so I am the first to know when one of these changes takes place and can practice being a subject matter expert on existing information. I’m also a news junkie that actually reads the Money section on news sites and the paper because I believe taking an active interest is the best way to keep yourself in the know.