The Best Gift I Ever Received…And You Can Get It (or Give It) Too!

October 20, 2015
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I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday this past weekend. Opening her gifts really got me thinking about the gifts we give and the impact that gifts can have on one’s financial life. Far too many gifts that we give provide little meaning or value beyond the 30 minutes of excitement after the box is opened or the outfit worn. This can and should be changed.

When I was born, I was gifted something that provided the greatest return of any gift in my entire financial life. This gift is still paying dividends for me and without it, I would not be where I am today.

When you have a minute, press play and check out this quick video on the gift that changed my life and how it could change yours too.

Going forward, I would encourage you to be very intentional about the gifts that you give this holiday season and forever more. I know this video can help with that. Here’s to generating great returns on your financial life and in the financial lives of those that matter most to you.