Get to Know: Danielle Greenwood, Client Service Concierge

April 1, 2020
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The reason I got into this profession:

I can’t say there is one specific reason as to why I am in the financial services industry, because the truth is there are many reasons. I wouldn’t have any knowledge regarding the power of investing if it wasn’t for my grandfather, Joe. He taught me how to save at a very young age when he opened a savings account for me and decided to match any contribution I made. Each year, he would show me how much interest I had earned as I watched my account grow.  Joe never had a credit card, he bought his house in cash and it wasn’t until I was older where I had realized, that is not typical! Now I understood why we spent so many afternoons together watching the news and stock market. After graduating college in Connecticut, I used the money in my savings account to help me with my move to San Diego. I interviewed at many places, but when the opportunity to work for a financial advisor fell on my lap, I knew I had to take it.

The best investment I ever made:

This one is tough. Usually, I would say my bed because a good night’s sleep is so valuable. However, this $25.00 investment has altered my mood every morning and it is a smart bulb. I switched out my horrendous alarm tone for a soft warm glow every morning to wake me up. You can program the smart bulb to slowly increase the brightness over a certain time frame, allowing your body to naturally wake up, as it would with the sun rising. Personally, for me it’s been a game changer.

My most memorable experience in the investment industry:

Thus far, meeting and working with all the client’s I have come across over the years. Their histories, backgrounds and stories are all so unique. I have been able to learn a lot about different professions, lifestyles and challenges that may arise during one’s life. The lessons I have learned through others are one’s I will never forget.

Outside of the office, my passions include:

Camping: I love weekend trips away and traveling to the national parks our country has to offer.

Yoga: I am a certified Kundalini & Vinyasa instructor.

Jump roping: I was a part of a competitive double dutch/jump roping team back in the day.

My favorite book:

There are so many good ones, but I recently read Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis. So for now, that tittle is on the top of my list. As a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan, it was very interesting and a little shocking at times to learn how they truly lived their lives while touring!