Episode 8: Wealth Care – A Healthy Financial Life Starts With A Proper Diagnosis

February 6, 2019
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This past weekend my daughter got sick so we took her to our local urgent care. She was quickly seen and dismissed with her actual ailment being misdiagnosed. She didn’t receive the treatment she needed and her illness got worse (104 fever). Fortunately, we saw her pediatrician thereafter who properly diagnosed her with bronchitis and ensured she got the medicine she needed.

If you want financial independence and a healthy financial life, a financial advisor focused solely on your investment portfolio or insurance will not cut it and can actually be detrimental to your wealth. On today’s episode, I’m going to address a vital planning framework that your financial advisor must have in place to ensure your financial health and well-being.

The wisdom of a competent and caring financial planner can make the difference between financial success and failure for so many people…just like a competent doctor was able to treat my daughter back to health.