Episode 29: Who’s Got Your Financial Back?

June 28, 2019
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Who’s got your back? That is one of the most important questions you must answer when it comes to navigating the terrain of personal finance.

“Fiduciary” is a word getting a lot of play as of late in the financial industry.. In the financial advisory world, this means someone who is legally obligated to put their clients’ interest before our own. Despite the depth of the word, there are varying degrees of “fiduciaries”….so you really have to watch your back when it comes to your money and wealth.

On this episode of the “Sharing the Illumination Wealth Podcast” (link in bio), we address:

1. What a real fiduciary looks acts like

2. How to spot non-fiduciary advice

3. We share a recent story of a friend and the costly “advice” they got and

4. Questions you can ask your advisors to determine if they are a real Fiduciary or not.

Finding an advisor who not only puts you first, but always has your back is one of the most important decisions you can make.