Episode 18: How Much Real Estate Should You Have In Your Portfolio?

April 12, 2019
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Traditional financial advice typically disregards real estate investment from the asset allocation conversation. Real estate is often called “complex” or an “alternative” investment. Meanwhile the public markets consisting of Stocks, Mutual Funds and ETFs are conventionally believed to be the safest and the best long-term generators of wealth. Just look at Vanguard (who manages over $5 Trillion of assets). Their portfolio allocation models are comprised of Stocks, Bonds and Cash…ditto for their widely used Target Date Funds. The problem is, this advice has never been fully data driven, just Wall Street convenient. On this episode, you will learn why you, as a wealth builder, may want to take the traditional advice from Wall Street with a grain of salt. In addition, you will learn about the actual outsized real estate allocations of some of the most financially successful and risk averse individual investors and financial institutions out there. There is no one sized fits all investment allocation, just the right one for you.