How To Ensure Your Real Estate Isn’t Overlooked By Your Advisor

December 1, 2017
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Did you know that real estate investing is not a single part of any financial advisors or certified financial planners education curriculum?

The average high net worth investor (defined as someone with over $1mln in financial assets) holds approximately 30% of their investable assets in real estate according to according to Knight Frank’s Global Wealth Report. This means that the vast majority of financial professionals have no working knowledge or experience in one of the most significant asset classes to you as an investor.

If you maintain investment real estate in your portfolio (or want to) you need to ask yourself if it is even possible to have a comprehensive (and objective) conversation about your investment plan and financial life with your “advisor”?

In this video, we discuss with how real wealth advisors work with their clients to enhance their real estate investments, investment portfolio, and overall financial lives.