Episode 24: A Better Way To Buy (Or Lease) A Car

May 24, 2019
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One of the biggest financial decisions people make haphazardly is the car buying or lease decision. Transportation expenses are the second largest expense in the average American’s budget – secondly only to housing costs and represent 16% of all spending. From our purview, most people spend too much money on cars…and considering the significance, not enough time has been devoted to doing it right.

On today’s episode we walk through a real life car “buy or lease” decision-making process that started from the inside out. The key areas that we focused on included:

1. Actually getting a good deal on a car within our budget

2. Finding a car that fit our lifestyle needs and values and

3. Minimizing the painful and time consuming car dealership haggling and paperwork process.

Listen in to learn to learn how time, money and peace of mind was saved with this approach. Drive safe!