The Best Acceptance Speech Ever!

January 9, 2017
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This past week the Golden Globes were on TV and a lot of attention in the media and across the Facebook community has been given to Meryl Streep for her acceptance speech denouncing the president elect. Unfortunately, most people have spent more time watching the Golden Globes and talking / commenting on this acceptance speech than they have establishing their goals and developing an action plan for their entire financial life.

We are huge advocates of putting in the time to design your ideal life. One of the exercises that has made a profound impact in our lives is writing our own version of an acceptance speech that we like to call “I am”. However, instead of writing “thank yous”, it’s about pre-documenting the experience you are committed to creating in your life this upcoming year.

Click play and invest a few minutes of your time to find out how to create your own “I am” speech and then put your own pen to paper.

We promise there is enormous value in designing your ideal life!