Retirement Plan Advice

Are You an Employee?


Isn’t it time for you to treat your 401(k) with the same focus and attention that you have given to your career?

If you are an employee, your retirement account through work may represent a significant portion of your hard-earned retirement savings and resource for your financial future.

If you are like most people, you probably don’t have the time, training, or temperament to become an investment expert yourself – you are probably too busy with your own career and personal life.

Like most 401(k) participants, you probably have little clue as to how to optimally manage your 401(k) investments. Or you may have mistakenly believed that once your 401(k) is set up, there is little need to give their account much thought. Unfortunately, many 401(k) accounts perform poorly due to neglect and mismanagement.

Here is how we can help:

We specialize in, and partner with, you — the retirement plan investor — to help you make better investment decisions and regain control of your retirement plan investments.

This service is on the cutting edge of retirement investment advice and is only being offered by a handful of advisors across the country.

We will answer for you the following simple, yet vital questions:


Which of my plan’s investment options should I be focusing on right now?


How should I allocate the investment options available in my plan?


Which investment options should I avoid right now?


Based on the current investment climate, should I take more risk or less risk?


I know things change. When should I consider making changes and what changes should I make?

This is real, personalized, proactive and unbiased advice that is provided to our clients on a fiduciary basis.

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Are You a Business Owner?


As a successful business owner you want to find an effective way to save for your financial future and minimize your current tax obligations.

You may also need to offer benefit packages that will allow you to retain key employees and allow them to successfully plan for their retirement years.

Our independence and open architecture allows us to assist you in choosing the retirement plan that best fits your needs and company profile.

Here are a few things to consider:


What retirement plan will provide the most positive tax benefit to me and my company?


What type of retirement plan would be the most beneficial for my corporate profile?


Do I have key employees that require flexibility in regards to their benefit package?

We can help you and your company navigate the retirement plan process, starting with retirement plan design, employee enrollment, investment selection, ongoing plan reviews and ensuring your company abides by the fiduciary standards set forth by retirement plan regulations.

Do you have the most optimal business retirement plan in place?

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