Investment Management

Are Your Assets Safe? Are They Growing?

Illumination Wealth Management takes a flexible approach to building a customized investment portfolio that will remain strong and secure over time, even as economic conditions and your personal circumstances change.

Our unique investment structure allows us to be nimble, taking advantage of long-term trends, good values and moving to cash when situations dictate.

Our investment strategy is designed to provide long-term portfolio growth, with reduced risk through smart diversification.

Each of our five investment portfolios Illumination offers has a unique risk-benchmark. While we are free to find the best long-term trends and value propositions anywhere in the world, we are not free to turn a conservative portfolio into an aggressive portfolio with high amounts of potential volatility.

Our Investment Strategy Is Driven By These Core Principles:

Flexible Portfolio Construction

We believe that markets work, despite the difficulties that arise. Therefore, it’s important to participate in the long-term growth of the capitalistic system.

We do this through Core investments that provide broad, diversified and low-cost market exposure. Flexibility is built in through Satellite investments that allow our portfolios to take advantage of major trends and unique opportunities as they arise, as well as play defense when needed.


Defense Comes First, Then We Can Make as Much as We Can

One factor often overlooked in many investment methodologies, though arguably the most important factor, is risk management. We believe in Warren Buffett’s Rule No. 1 and Rule 2. “Rule No. 1 is never lose money. Rule No.2 is never forget rule number one.” Growing your money starts with a game plan to protect the money you have worked so hard to accumulate.

Diversification is Key

The days of simply buying and holding a portfolio of stocks, bonds or mutual funds are long gone. Diversifying your wealth across a variety of asset classes across the globe is imperative to capitalize on opportunities and protect against today’s extremes in market volatility. While everyone else focuses on how to manage an individual asset class, we at Illumination are interested in managing the entire portfolio of asset classes.


Control The Process

We can’t control what the market does, but we can control the way in which we interact with it. We don’t hope the market will conform to our plan, we adapt to changes along the way – just as we do in life. To be a successful investor requires recognizing the realities of our investments and making the best decisions based off reality. Hope is not a strategy. We change the asset allocation of our portfolios in line with the changing view of market opportunities and value.

Costs and Taxes Matter

Every dollar you spend on fees is one less dollar in your pocket. Manage this readily controllable factor and you’ve already made significant strides towards better investment outcomes.

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