About Matt Rinkey


Since I was a little kid I have always had an interest with money and investing. While still in my single digits, I was told by my parents I was gifted six shares of Northern States Power (NSP) stock when I was born. From that conversation forward, I was routinely looking up the price of my coveted NSP stock in the business sections stock tables.

By age 12, I was actively following the stock market and was part of a team that won the Minnesota Stock Market Game competition. Out of 800 teams, our team’s virtual $100,000 portfolio returned the most over a ten-week period. By winning, I was provided the opportunity to meet Peter Lynch, one of the world’s greatest investors and former Portfolio Manager of the Fidelity Magellan mutual fund.

While I was having my initial success with money and investing, the exact opposite transpired with my heroes – my grandparents. Five years prior to my success, my grandfather sold the business he built over the previous 30 years for a very nice nest egg. At that time, my grandparents dream was to retire comfortably, spend time with family and provide a college education for me and my six cousins.


Unbeknownst to me at the time of my crowning achievement, my grandparents’ significant retirement savings was lost. The financial advisor they worked with had invested the majority of their retirement money in risky investments that failed during the junk bond craze in the late 1980’s.

Since that time, I have watched my grandparents continually downsize their way of life and even temper their aspirations of putting their grandkids through college. In any event, in 1998 I headed off to the University of Wisconsin – Madison School of Business where I graduated with a degree in Finance, Investment & Banking.

After college, in 2003, I got my first taste of Wall Street, working in a training program for Kellogg Capital Group. By the end of 2006, I was a Senior Analyst for an investment fund, managing a team of five.

During the 2008 recession, I started receiving calls from friends and family, requesting financial guidance. So as the financial markets were in meltdown, I realized it was time for me to rise up and have an opportunity to directly lift people’s financial spirits and strategy.

In 2009, as a result of those phone calls and personal inspiration I started my own firm. I began my business with a simple mission – to help families build their wealth for the future and protect their present assets from the unforeseen.

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