6 Significant Ways Real Estate Investing Can Help You Build Wealth

November 16, 2017
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A recent investor poll by Morgan Stanley shows that 77% of all millionaire investors own real estate.

So why has real estate always been characterized by Wall Street as an “alternative” asset class?

Because it was not an easy product to package and sell to customers as it is a stock, bond, annuity, or mutual fund. Despite all the talk, real estate is the third largest asset class in the United States

We would argue that people have familiarity with real estate through homeownership, being a renter in an apartment building or even commercially through an office lease. In reality, it’s likely you can understand real estate better than you ever will the stock market. Perhaps stocks are really the alternative asset class.

There are downsides to real estate as an investment, as there are any to investment but there are many long-term benefits to this asset class when implemented through a property investment plan and strategy.

In this video, we are going to share six of the major ways that real estate can help you build & preserve your wealth.